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Dybbøl Nursing home visit

As a part of the conference you have a unique chance to visit Danish nursing home and see their daily practice.
Registration is needed since we have to organise transportation accordingly.
After the visit, the busses will go directly to the Sønderborg airport or train station


Data from Sønderborg Municipality 76.000 Inhabitants

• Four districts of Home Care services (2400 Citizens)

• 11 Nursing Homes (500 residents)

• The staff who participated in the project was nurses, nurse assistants and helpers

• We participated in the national Danish patient safety program in municipal sector

• Work was developed and piloted on one unit before spreading to other units

• After implementation of the bundle we do believe, that a zero tolerance for pressure ulcers is realistic


Description of the presentation in the nursing homes:

All our residents must have a pressure ulcer risk assessment at the admission to the Nursing Home or the Home Care Services. The Risk assessment we use is the validated Braden Scale.

You will have the possibility to get to know how we prevent pressure ulcers, by daily using data, improvement-boards, ongoing leadership focus and front line staff involvement. You will learn about it from front line staff and leaders who on daily basis work with improvements.